Mining Channels

A new option
Underground water is often channeled away by means of half-round, or semi-circular channels. The problem facing the installer of these channel systems is, of course, ease of use and economics of any system offered. Civilworks introduces a new light weight, easy to use, and robust system.

Light Weight
Ease of use is a priority! Our channels are lightweight and they are easily handled even under the most testing underground conditions. Traditional concrete channels require mechanized movement and transport, while Civilworks channels are carried by hand. The light weight of the product ensures huge savings in energy both in the movement of the product to the shaft, as well as underground. Monetary savings are implied. 

Fit for Purpose
Civilworks channels are designed to be easily introduced into existing mines / applications with minimal disruption. Each channel has an integral lip (female end), which matches the plain end (male) of the next in the chain. No training is required for the introduction to new areas / mines. The material of construction is fibre-cement, and channels are easily cut to length if required. No special equipment is required, and only hand tools will ever be needed.

Toughness for Long Life
The product is tough and will withstand repeated handling, and ultimate re-use in other areas.

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